Nonsense wax

  • $4.00

All wax will be in 3-5 oz sizes

Merry Unbirthday Cake!

Delicious bundt cakes (unfortunately not to eat🙄) scented with lemon, angel food cake, vanilla mixed with ripe blueberries and English muffins 


Down the Rabbit Hole!

These little bunny bottoms (and ears!) are scented with a blend of ruby cassis, ripe pineapple, sweet rose blossoms, jasmine, and dewy fresh air.


Flamingo Croquet!

These cute little birds are scented with our favorite Dole Whip scent!

Paint the Roses Red

This beauty is scented with delicate rose petals, vanilla and sugar crystals blended with fresh squeezed lemonade.


The White Rabbit

This is is scented with notes of lemon and orange twisted with fresh tea leaves and sugar.

*Melted wax is hot, do not touch or come into contact with wax directly on skin. This product is not edible.

Rogue Lacquer Wax is made with high quality scent oils, essential oils, and soy-based wax. All of our wax is vegan and cruelty-free.